Frequently Asked Questions

The points you earn at Game of Hearts are discounts you can use on your subscription and a pass to Telecom.

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned in many ways, such as by sharing Game of Hearts links with your friends. And publish regularly on your showcase. See details about Points & Rewards.

How do I view my points balance?

You may view your points balance by logging on to your account and clicking “My Points.”

Can I use my points on a different account?

No. Points can only be used on the account through which they were awarded.

Do points have any monetary worth that I could cash in if I wanted to?

No. Game of Hearts points have no value in terms of cash. Points can be used by purchasing a monthly membership and a pass to Telecom.

A CandiDATE is someone you have verified and met at telecom who you would like to learn more about and maybe go on an in-person date with.

We’re not sure about that! You have to meet and get to know someone first to find out on your own if they are your perfect match.

Game of Hearts doesn’t promise you that you will find your perfect match on our platform. However, given your background and lifestyle, we can assure you that there's a chance you'll discover someone with a similar interest that you may be interested in getting to know.

Go on a date with your CandiDATE, a second, or a third, or more and decide for yourself if the person is a match for you.

We all know that disengaging when things get uncomfortable is not easy. But blocking and ghosting are very unpleasant ways to disconnect from someone.

At Game of Hearts, we strive to create a place to treat the other person as you’d like to be treated. So, we made it easy for you; just follow every step of the way, and we will make every meeting a pleasant experience for everyone without ghosting and blocking.

Absolutely! Though some features are only available to our premium members, we made sure that we could offer the same safety features to everyone.

How to avail free or discounts for membership?

Points: Everyone can earn points. By posting on your showcase, you can have a chance to earn points when other users react to your posts. These points can be used to purchase a monthly subscription. See details about Points & Rewards

Your friend's reward: After they have registered successfully, they will also receive an extra 10% off reward for their first month’s subscription. Your friend must use the link you sent or enter your user ID as a referral to receive 10% of the reward.

Users can sign up for free at Game of Hearts and enjoy many of the advantages that are only available to our premium members. See Standard Membership

In addition, all of our subscription packages include auto-renewal. If you don’t want your subscription to renew, you can turn off auto-renewal at any time after you finish purchasing your subscription.

With premium memberships, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees to enjoy Game of Hearts services, other than the pass to Telecom.

We offer subscription packages that span twelve months, six months, three months, or just one month. Your subscription package is charged in full when you subscribe. If you would like to be charged every month, simply choose the 1-month package. Please note that there is no way to pause a subscription once you have subscribed. See Premium Membership

In addition, all of our subscription packages include auto-renewal. If you don’t want your subscription to renew, you can turn off auto-renewal at any time after you finish purchasing your subscription.

With premium memberships, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees to enjoy Game of Hearts services, other than the pass to Telecom.

Signing up is short and easy. Just fill out the sign-up form, and once you verify your email address, you will be redirected to your showcase account right away.

Complete your background and lifestyle sections. Once you complete those two sections, you’ll be able to post anything on your showcase.

Enable users to manage their profiles, manage their privacy settings, and upload their photos. Post jokes, riddles, and stories about dating and relationships while selecting whom they want to connect with.

So, make sure to fill out your About Me section. Share your UnforDATE experience and let your audience know what your FUNtasy Date is.

Give your audience something interesting about you.

We want you to stand out and have fun while looking for the ideal CandiDATE.

Posting is a very important part of your showcase account. Show everyone that you are more than just a profile. By posting, you are also showing your audience whether you are active or not, or when the last time you were active was.

Viewers will be drawn to profiles with appealing photos. Make sure you get it right!

Your photos should be a clear representation of how you look today. Take caution when adding photos to your gallery. Don't ruin your profiles with unflattering or inappropriate photos.

How many photos can I upload in my Photo Gallery?

You can upload up to twenty photos in your photo gallery, and that’s included in your photo profile.

Does everyone can access my photo gallery?

Privacy is very important to us. For anyone to access your photos, they must first request permission from you. This way, you know who has access to or has visited your photo gallery.

It's the Game of Hearts wall where you will find our verified users. Our verified users are members who use our camera. Once you're verified, your photo profile will have a checkmark.

Another use of Club of Hearts is that it allows members to interact and comment on each other's posts. This will ensure that the users are active and you’re not a bot.

Everything you post on your showcase will appear on the Club of Hearts wall. This is also a place where you will see other users' posts.

Post, react, comment, and interact with everyone.

Telecom is the heart of the Game of Hearts. This stage will allow users to make virtual or in-person contact with their potential CandiDATEs.

There is no passing or skipping the telecom stage. You and your CandiDATE must meet and communicate at telecom first before deciding to leave the Game of Hearts site.

No more surprises – Love me or Ditch me

It's no secret that most profile photos that we love and that compel us to connect with the owners are either edited or old photos they dig up from where they were in their prime. Or stolen from somewhere.

Eliminate dealing with fake profile or catfish

At Game of Hearts, it’s a must for everyone to show proof that the account owner and the profile photo match the person they are attracted to and communicating with.

To gain access to the telecom, you and the other person must first complete the Q&A session or use a pass to skip Q&A.

When you and the other person wish to skip the Q&A session, where you must respond to five levels of questions, you can skip it by using a pass to Telecom.
  • - Only prime members can purchase a pass.
  • - You can combine your points and rewards to purchase a pass.
  • - With just one pass, you and the other user will be able to use Telecom.


Game of Hearts gives you many options to search for CandiDATEs; simply select your preference that suits your lifestyle and background.

Quick note

Send someone a quick note: Invite them to the Q&A session or use a pass to skip the Q&A and invite them directly to the telecom.

There are four types of messages a user can choose to send to anyone. You can ask someone to check out your profile or let someone know that you can give them access to your photo gallery. And the most personal one is inviting someone to a Q&A session or meeting at the telecom.


Participants will engage in the exchange of ideas, likes, and life experiences. This will allow them to see their commonalities with someone as a potential date without revealing too much information too quickly.

You can plan a physical meeting with your CandiDATE once you are at the telecom and you've established their identity and whether or not they're catfish.

You can plan a meeting with your CandiDATE using the Game of Hearts system by adding them to your date planner page. Or simply plan on your own without using the Game of Hearts Date Planner.

A date planner is your ultimate guide when meeting your CandiDATE for the first time. Using the date planner for your first meeting with your CandiDATE will give you a better perspective on what the first meeting should be.

This feature is for those you have met at Telecom.
You cannot add anyone to your date planner other than your CandiDATE.